HCD Executive Team

Photo of Ben Metcalf

Ben Metcalf


Photo of John Hiber

John Hiber

Chief Deputy Director

Photo of Evan Gerberding

Evan Gerberding

Deputy Director of Communications and Tribal Liaison

Photo of Linda Wheaton

Linda Wheaton

Assistant Director, Intergovernmental Affairs

Photo of Marc Wilson

Marc Wilson

Deputy Director, Audit and Evaluations

Position to be filled

Kathryn Amann

Acting Deputy Director, Financial Assistance

Photo of Lisa Bates

Lisa Bates

Deputy Director, Housing Policy Development

Photo of Richard Weinert

Richard Weinert

Deputy Director, Codes and Standards

Photo of Tad Egawa

Tad Egawa

General Counsel/Deputy Director, Legal Affairs

Position to be filled

Jack Budmark

Acting Deputy Director, Administration

Position to be filled

Glen Campora

Acting Deputy Director, Legislation