Manufactured, Modular, and Factory Built

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) administers the construction and alteration of commercial modulars, special purpose commercial modular, and multifamily manufactured homes, monitoring design and construction through third-party agencies. HCD also performs activities on behalf of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a State Administrative Agency (SAA).

As the SAA, HCD’s Manufactured Housing (MH) Section has delegated authority to 1) oversee the manufacturer’s compliance with the requirements of the law and 2) take appropriate action, including legal action, if the manufacturer does not comply with the requirements of the law. For more detailed information about this responsibility, read the State Administrative Agency information. 

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Building Codes

Download the matrix of codes (PDF) applicable to the construction of the different types of units, which can be helpful as an aid by third-party agencies and local enforcement authorities to determine the construction standards and enforcement authority.

Factory-Built Housing

The Factory-Built Housing Program oversees the safe use and purchase of factory-built homes.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

The Fire Sprinkler Systems page provides guidance on ensuring the safety of your home in the event of a fire.

Insignia of Approval

An insignia of approval from HCD shows that the unit complies with the laws and building standards in effect at the time the insignia of approval was issued.

Laws and Regulations

The Manufactured housing laws and regulations provides additional information about the legal authority

Manufactured and Mobilehome Forms

The Manufactured and Mobilehome Forms provides links for forms associated with manufactured and mobilehomes.

Modifying a Mobilehome

HCD must review and approve plans and specifications for the alteration or conversion of manufactured homes, multi-unit manufactured homes, commercial modulars, and special purpose commercial modulars. HCD employees perform on-site inspections of alterations and conversions to the structural, fire safety, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems of regulated units.

State Administrative Agency

The State Administrative Agency page provides additional information on HCD’s responsibilities in this role.

Third-Party Design Approval Agencies

Third-Party Design Approval Agencies are certified by HCD to act on behalf of HCD, enforcing design and construction approval of commercial modular, special purpose commercial modular, and multi-unit manufactured homes designated for sale in California.

Wildland Urban Interface Areas

For information on unit installation and modification in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Areas, consult the standards, regulations, and information required.