Third-Party Agencies

Third-party agencies (PDF) are approved by the Manufactured Housing Program to perform as a Design Approval Agency (DAA) and/or a Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), enforcing design and construction approval of commercial modulars, special purpose commercial modulars and multifamily manufactured homes designated for sale in California. Third-party agencies are businesses, certified by HCD, to provide these services acting on behalf of HCD.

See below for factory-built housing related information.

DAA and QAA Certification Applications

  • Form HCD-MH 470 (PDF) - Submittal of this form is required for all new (original) or renewal applications.
  • Form HCD-MH 471 (PDF)- Submittal of this form is required for each person listed in the ownership structure.

Organizational Structure - An organizational flow chart listing the names and job classifications of all persons subject to approval.

List of CA Engineer(s)/Architect(s) on DAA staff-Resumes of all staff managers, supervisors, engineers, and architects who have not been previously approved by HCD.

Quality Assurance Inspector (QAI) Application

FOR INSPECTIONS OF: Commercial Modulars, Special Purpose Commercial Modulars and Multifamily Manufactured Homes

HCD-MH 469 (PDF) is required for ORIGINAL and RENEWAL applications and please ensure that the application fully contains:

  • Purpose of Application [Original or Renewal]
  • Name, address, phone number of applicant
  • Quality Assurance Agency Employment Status

HCD Form 1 (PDF) is required for ORIGINAL applications only and please ensure to enclose:

  • Applicant Verification Fees
  • Statement of Citizenship, Birth Certificate and/or other documents

HCD-MH 471 (PDF) is required for ORIGINAL AND RENEWAL applications and please ensure that: Name, Signature, Date, County, State is entered at the bottom of the page.

A Quality Assurance Inspector 'Original' applicant must satisfy all the provisions of ASTM Standard E 541, Part B, 14 and T25, CCR, Chapter 3, 4856 as noted below:

  • Applicant shall possess the personal characteristics of tact, integrity, and a sense of authority. 
  • Applicant shall demonstrate ability to follow detailed instructions and checklists that provide the criteria for construction, including both material and fabrication requirements. 
  • Completion of a period of orientation and training for which the applicant performs the inspection function. This training shall be under the continuous direction of a supervisor fully qualified under this criteria. 
  • Demonstrate ability to evaluate the results of well-defined or routine measurements or tests by reason of experience or familiarity with such measurements or tests.

Education: Possess mathematical skills equivalent to those acquired through a high school education.

EXPERIENCE: Two years in building construction, building code enforcement, or quality control inspection.

The applicant shall demonstrate an ability to inspect and monitor the quality control programs for compliance with approved plans, quality control manuals and California law and regulations regarding mobilehomes, commercial modulars and special purpose commercial modulars.

The applicant shall demonstrate an ability to prepare inspection reports describing observed violations, corrective action and making appropriate references to the plans, quality control manuals, California law, or regulations and incorporated documents.

Submit Application Forms:

HCD-Manufactured Housing Program 
P.O. Box 31, Sacramento, CA 95812


Manufactured Housing Program 
(916) 445-3338

Factory-Built Housing

Third-party agencies (PDF) are certified by the Factory-Built Housing Program to perform as a DAA and/or a QAA, enforcing design and construction approval of factory-built housing designated for sale in California. Third-party agencies, once approved, provide these services as businesses acting on behalf of HCD.

In order to qualify as a third-party agency, you must complete the Certification Application for Factory-Built Housing Design Approval Agency and/or Quality Assurance Agency, form HCD FBH 307 (PDF) required of all new or renewal applications and submit all required documents listed on the form.

Certification Forms