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Mobilehome and Special Occupancy Parks Program

Mobilehome and Special Occupancy Parks Program

The Codes and Standards system upgrade has experienced some issues. Online Services are unavailable at this time. We are currently working on the system and hope to have it up and running Thursday, October 27, 2016. Thank you for your patience.

Approved Regulations

Mobilehome/Special Occupancy Parks and Manufactured Housing Regulations

Chapters 2, 2.2, and 3; Recently Amended and Adopted Sections (Adobe PDF) or (Microsoft Word)

Important Information
CPUC Upgrade Program Guidelines – (Adobe PDF)
Information Bulletin 2013-04 (MP, SOP) – Notice of Changes to the Referenced California Buliding Code Standards Affecting Department Approved Standard Plan Approvals – (Adobe PDF)
Protect Yourself and Your Family From the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – (Adobe PDF)
Manufactured Housing Fire-Life Safety Regulations – Carbon Monoxide Alarm Systems – (Adobe PDF) or (Microsoft Word)
         • California Residential Code / California Code of Regulations / T24, Part 2.5 / Section R315 – (Adobe PDF)
Validity of Local Ordinances to Mobilehome Park Conversions and the Installation of Manufactured Homes — (Adobe PDF)
Info Sheet on Mold and Water Damage – (Adobe PDF)
Community Public and Nonprofit Resources – (Adobe PDF)

About The Mobilehome and Special Occupancy Parks Program

Mission Statement
Program History
Administrative Activities
Field Operations Activities
Program Purpose
Program Description
Program Laws and Regulations (updated 1-1-2016)

Find a Park

Mobilehome & RV Parks Listing

General Park Construction Information

New Park Construction Requirements
Requirements for Alterations of Existing Park Utility Systems, Facilities and/or Permanent Buildings
Park Construction Approval Booklet — (Adobe PDF)

Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Area — Standards, Regulations, and Information

Information Bulletins, Booklets, and Publications

Information Bulletins
Forms and Approved Plans
Mobilehome Installation Guide Book — (Adobe PDF)
Emergency Plans for Mobilehome Parks Booklet — (Adobe PDF)
Mobilehome Park Maintenance Inspection Information Booklet—Park Operator — (Adobe PDF)
Mobilehome Park Maintenance Inspection Information Booklet—Resident — (Adobe PDF)
Mobilehome Park Maintenance Inspection Information Video
Manufactured Home Alterations and Permit Guidelines — (Adobe PDF)
Guide to Affordable Manufactured Housing Best Practices — (Adobe PDF)

How to Report to HCD the Installation of Manufactured Homes, Mobilehomes, and Multifamily Manufactured Homes:

Responsibilities of a Manufacturer, Dealer or Local Enforcement Agency During the Sale and Installation of:


Additional Resources:

Government Sites

Industry Sites