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The Occupational Licensing Program

The Occupational Licensing Program

Consumer Alert!  Manufactured Home Buyers, Beware of Internet Sales and Out of State Sellers!
Consumer Alert! Manufactured Home Buyers — Beware of Internet Sales and Out of State Sellers!(Adobe PDF)

Important Information

About the Occupational Licensing Program

Mission Statement
Program Purpose
Program Description
Program History
Program Laws and Regulations

General Information

Fees effective January 2006 – (Adobe PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions
Dealer, Salesperson, Manufacturer License Query
HSC 18035.26(b)(1) Declaration of Delivery Sale — (Adobe PDF)
HSC 18551(a) – (Adobe PDF)

How to Report to HCD the Installation of Manufactured Homes, Mobilehomes, and Multifamily Manufactured Homes:

Responsibilities of a Manufacturer, Dealer or Local Enforcement Agency During the Sale and Installation of:


Occupational Licensing 2011 Amended Regulations

Summary of Changes to Occupational Licensing Regulations / Information Bulletin 2011-04 – (Adobe PDF)
Occupational Licensing Regulations: CCR, Title 25, Chapter 4, Sections 5002, 5010 & 5040 – (Adobe PDF) or (Microsoft Word)

Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Areas – Standards, Regulations, and Information

Information Bulletins, Booklets and Publications

Informational Booklet — (Adobe PDF)
Information Bulletins
Current OL Study Guide — (Adobe PDF)
2012 OL Study Guide - (Microsoft Word) or ( Adobe PDF)
Information On Manufactured Home Repairs and Sales — (Adobe PDF)
Guide to Affordable Manufactured Housing Best Practices — (Adobe PDF)
HUD Manufactured Home Manufacturer Responsibilities for Consumer Complaint Handling and Remedial Actions (Adobe PDF)
HUD Manufactured Home Retailer and Distributor Responsibilities Under the Federal Manufactured Housing Program (Adobe PDF)

Licensing Forms and Information

Occupational Licensing Forms
Salesperson's License Application and Instructions
Dealer's License Application and Instructions
Manufacturer's License Application and Instructions
Distributor's License Application and Instruction
License Examination Locations
Educational Course Providers
Fingerprint Information

How To File A Complaint

Office Of The Mobilehome Ombudsman

Manufactured Home Recovery Fund Information

Manufactured Home Recovery Fund

Additional Resources

Manufactured Housing Educational Trust
California Manufactured Housing Institute
Western Manufactured Housing Community Association
Golden State Mobilehome Owners League
Contractors State License Board
Escrow Complaints
Bureau of Real Estate
Secretary of State
Board of Equalization
U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department