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Occupational License (OL) Status Query

You may check the status of HCD Occupational Licensees online. This online status inquiry feature is a service for consumers. Please take a minute and review the information below on how to use the inquiry screen.

The REQUESTOR AGREEMENT page allows you to check the status of a manufactured home, multifamily manufactured home, mobilehome, or commercial modular manufacturer, dealer, and salesperson (including 90 Day Certificate Holders).


The information contained in this database is updated once every working day. If the license information you are searching for is not listed today, then please check again soon.

Note to licensees: If your license record reflects information which is no longer current, you should notify the OL Program immediately by calling (916) 323-9803 or by emailing the OL Program at to request forms to update the specific changes to your license. Staff will not make the changes based on a phone call or email. Failure to maintain accurate licensee information may result in administrative action and/or penalties.

You should also check with the Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) to determine if an individual or business is licensed by BRE. BRE licensees can sell manufactured homes and mobilehomes that have previously been sold or placed on a foundation system. You can check BRE licenses at the BRE license search.