Update Guidance and Streamlined Review Option

Every local jurisdiction must submit an updated housing element to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD); however, HCD recognizes that resource challenges exist at all levels of government and for others responsible for completing the updates. In response, HCD created an “Update Guidance” (below) to help jurisdictions reduce the number and scope of their housing element submittals, while ensuring compliance with housing-element law and effectively addressing their communities’ housing needs.

HCD’s Update Guidance also includes information on the Streamlined Update/Review option and explains which jurisdictions are eligible to take advantage of the streamlined process. 

Can I use the streamlined update and review process?

For many local governments, conditions and circumstances have not significantly changed since the jurisdiction’s last HCD-approved housing element. If your jurisdiction adopted a housing element in the fourth housing-element cycle that HCD determined was in compliance with state housing-element law, that jurisdiction is eligible to use the Streamlined Update template (below) to indicate where changes were made to the previously adopted housing element. (Note: Use of the Streamlined Update/Review is purely voluntary. For jurisdictions not choosing to use the Streamlined Update/Review process or not eligible for the Streamlined Update/Review process, the Streamlined Update Template can still be used as a valuable tool for updating a housing element.)

HCD aims to review all draft housing elements within 60 days of receipt and grant priority for those jurisdictions utilizing the Streamlined Review process.

Housing Element Update Guidance (complete packet) (PDF)