Joe Serna, Jr., Farmworker Housing Grant Program (JSJFWHG)

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Finance the new construction, rehabilitation, and acquisition of owner-occupied and rental units for agricultural workers, with a priority for lower income households.

Assistance Type

Grants and loans to assist development or rehabilitation of various types of housing projects for agricultural worker households.  A match of at least 100 percent is required for the primary JSJFWHG program.

Assistance Terms

Homeowner Grants: For rehabilitation or new home construction, lien restrictions are required for 20 years. If the unit is sold to a nonfarmworker buyer before completing the 10th year, the full grant amount must be repaid under most circumstances. Between the 10th and 20th anniversaries, the grant is forgiven at a rate of 10 percent per completed year.  The grant is fully forgiven after completing 20 years.

Rental Construction Grants or Loans: Lien restrictions for assisted units are required for 55 years. Loans may be made in conjunction with low-income tax credit financing only.

Rental Rehabilitation Grants or Loans: Lien restrictions for assisted units are required for 55 years. Loans may be made in conjunction with low-income tax credit financing only.

Eligible Activities

Activities incurring costs in the development of homeowner or rental housing for agricultural workers, including land acquisition, site development, construction, rehabilitation, design services, operating and replacement reserves, repayment of predevelopment loans, provision of access for the elderly or disabled, relocation, homeowner counseling, and other reasonable and necessary costs.

Eligible Applicants

Local government agencies, nonprofit corporations, cooperative housing corporations, limited partnerships where all the general partners are nonprofit mutual or public benefit corporations, and federally-recognized Indian tribes. Eligible beneficiaries of the grants are households with at least one person who derives, or prior to retirement or disability derived, a substantial portion of his or her income from agricultural employment.

Get Funding

Applications are invited by issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) or a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA), and are either received and reviewed on a continuous basis or rated and ranked on a competitive basis per the RFP or NOFA.  For more information, check previous NOFAs and Awards.

HCD will be holding workshops in the future for the new Joe Serna, Jr., Farmworker Housing Grant (JSJFWHG) Program. These workshops will be announced in the Training and Technical Assistance section.

For all forms (loan closing and application forms) associated with the JSJFWHG Program, check the Forms section.

Current NOFA

The JSJFWHG program does not have a current NOFA. Please be sure you are subscribed to the Homeownership Programs list to receive notifications and announcements.

There are currently no previous NOFAs available for JSJFWHG.

Please refer to HCD's Annual Report page. (PDF)

Reporting Requirements (Asset Management and Compliance)

Upon completed construction of your project and closing of your HCD permanent loan, oversight of your project and loan is transferred to HCD’s “Asset Management and Compliance (AMC)” section.

Visit Asset Management and Compliance to find:

  • Your reporting requirements
  • Forms
  • Additional resources
  • Who to contact if you have questions

Program Forms

At this time, there are no JSJFWHG general program documents on the website.

Check the list for Publications and Loan Documents pertaining to all NOFAs. See also Management Memos pertaining to the program. Check the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) under which your loan was funded for additional information.

Important Notice: The Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is providing the following sample loan documents for general information purposes only. The Department reserves the right to make changes to its documents at any time prior to the closing of an individual loan. Final loan documents will be modified to reflect the specific terms and conditions applicable to the particular loan and property.

Management Memos

Training and Technical Assistance

At this time, there are no JSJFWHG Training and Technical resources on the website.