Multifamily Program Regulations

Proposed Uniform Multifamily Regulation Changes:Third Comment Period

The Uniform Multifamily Regulations were originally adopted in 2003.  In 2010, there was a narrow amendment limited to one section.  The proposed amendments adjust numerical limits to account for inflation, respond to changes in requirements for other funding sources, and address specific issues that have arisen since the date of initial adoption. They govern the affordable multifamily housing finance programs listed below:

  1. Joe Serna Junior Farmworker Housing Grant Program (JSJFWG)
  2. Multifamily Housing Program (MHP), including the supportive housing component of this program (SHMHP), the Governor’s Homeless Initiative (GHI), and Homeless Youth (HYMHP)
  3. Home Investment Partnerships Program (State HOME)
  4. Loan Portfolio Restructuring (LPR) Program
  5. Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Housing Program
  6. Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC)
  7. Veterans Housing and Homelessness Prevention (VHHP) Program
  8. Housing Loan Conversion Program
  9. Neighborhood Stabilization Program

HCD originally published the Uniform Multifamily Regulations with proposed changes on January 22, 2016 and received comments until March 7, 2016. After hosting three public hearings and receiving comments from several stakeholders, HCD reviewed the comments and made subsequent changes to the text. HCD further revised the proposed Uniform Multifamily Regulations and held a comment period from September 30, 2016 to November 14, 2016. HCD has made key changes in response to comments received during the second comment period.

HCD is conducting a 15 Day Comment Period from December 1, 2016 until 5pm, December 16, 2016 to review the final proposed changes. HCD is also posting an abbreviated comment summary and response.

The Department will only consider comments received during this timeframe. Any interested person, or his or her authorized representative, may submit written comments relevant to the proposed action to the Department. The preferred method for submitting comments is through the online survey monkey form.

Here is the link to the survey monkey form.

Please see the links below for the 15-Day Comment Period revised text and a notice regarding the text.

Documents From The Second 45 Day Comment Period (September 30 – November 14, 2016)

For your interest in the interim, below are the documents sent out in the previous public comment period that ended on March 7, 2016:

Current Regulations

Below are links to regulations governing HCD programs that provide financing for multifamily housing developments.

The Uniform Multifamily Regulations were originally adopted on September 29, 2003, and establish uniform underwriting standards and other program requirements. They apply to multifamily projects receiving awards after September 29, 2003, under the Multifamily Housing Program (MHP), the State-administered portion of the Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME), and the Joe Serna, Jr., Farmworker Housing Grant Program (JSJFWHG). On July 11, 2010, Section 8315 of the Uniform Multifamily Regulations, regarding subordination, was amended; no other changes have been made since the adoption of the original version in 2003.

MHP, HOME and JSJFWHG are also subject to separate program-specific regulations governing the process for awarding funds, rent and occupancy requirements, and related subjects.  Program participants should have both the UMRs and the separate regulations for the program they are using.

Previous Guidelines and Adopted Regulations