Park Operation

Information Bulletins provide additional helpful information about park operation. Check for new bulletins periodically.

Permit to Operate

A park must secure a permit to operate prior to operating a mobilehome park. The park owner is subject to penalties for failure to submit a permit application (PDF) more than 60 days after the due date.

Fire Hydrant Certification

Annual fire hydrant testing certification (PDF) is required for a permit to operate. The public may call the permit to operate desk at (800) 952-8356 to obtain additional information concerning fire hydrant certification.

Emergency Preparedness

Park management must develop an emergency plan to inform residents about what to do in preparation for and in the event of an emergency. The booklet, Emergency Plans for Mobilehome Parks (PDF) is a guide for preparation of a plan. The plan is required in order to receive a permit to operate.

Mobilehome Park Maintenance Inspections

HCD conducts mobilehome park maintenance inspections to ensure compliance with health and safety laws.  Inspections include the exterior portions of individual manufactured homes and mobilehomes in each park inspected. The Mobilehome Park Inspection Operator Information Booklet (PDF) provides additional and detailed information to help park owners prepare for the inspection. The Mobilehome Park Inspection Residents Information Booklet (PDF) is designed for residents living in a park that has been selected for inspection. The booklet is also available in Spanish (PDF).

The video below was designed to assist mobilehome park residents and owners prepare for a mobilehome park maintenance inspection and points out common violations discovered.

Disposing of Abandoned Homes

If a mobilehome has been abandoned in a mobilehome park, the park owner may dispose of it without paying back taxes and registration. Refer to the information bulletin (PDF) for additional information.