Our Mission and What We Do

Strategic Plan Booklet
2021-2023 Strategic Plan

Our Mission

Promote safe, affordable homes and vibrant, inclusive, sustainable communities for all Californians.

Our Vision

Every California resident can live, work, and play in healthy communities of opportunity.

What We Do

  • Increasing the Supply of Affordable Places to Live in California — By administering programs that provide grants and loans (from both state and federal housing programs), HCD creates rental and homeownership opportunities for Californians from all walks of life, including veterans, seniors, young families starting out, people with disabilities, farmworkers, and individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness and trying to get back on their feet.
  • Preserving Affordable Homes and Protecting Public Investment — Through asset management and compliance, HCD monitors affordable developments that use HCD funding to ensure they remain affordable for 35-55 years and compliant with the requirements of each funding program. When they don’t, HCD intervenes, always with the goal of preserving affordable homes.
  • Protecting Mobilehome and Manufactured Home Owners — Similar to the way California’s Department of Motor Vehicles manages titling and registration for automobiles, HCD manages the titling and registration documents for mobilehomes. HCD also protects families and individuals who live in mobilehomes by inspecting mobilehome alterations and mobilehome parks (in areas where the local government chooses not to) to ensure they are properly maintained, and by enforcing regulations for those who build and sell manufactured homes.
  • Guarding Health and Safety of All Californians through Building Standards and Code Adoption — HCD protects the health and safety of Californians by implementing standards for housing construction and maintenance and trains local government inspectors who inspect for health and safety code violations. HCD creates specialized standards for CALGreen (the nation’s first mandated green-building code) and universal design, which ensures housing is accessible to all (including seniors and people with disabilities).
  • Ensuring California Plans for Range of Housing That Meets Varied Needs of Californians — As a basic human need, housing is one of the most-important parts of any community and the way we plan for housing has wide-reaching impacts on the environment, education, health, and the economy. HCD plays a critical role in the housing-planning process, which was designed to ensure that communities plan for housing that meets the needs of everyone in California’s communities. HCD works with each of California’s regions to determine their housing needs, and reviews each city or county’s housing plan (also known as the “housing element” — part of each city or county’s “general plan”) to determine whether or not their housing plan complies with state law.
  • Creating Effective Solutions to the Housing Crisis through Policy and Research — HCD develops policies that support housing and community development and conducts research and analysis of California’s housing markets and needs. HCD produces California’s statewide housing assessment (required by state law), California’s consolidated plan (required for California to receive millions of federal dollars for housing and community development), and other special reports.

View HCD’s 2021 Leadership Accountability Report (PDF) — This report provides transparency in HCD’s efforts to reduce waste of resources and strengthen internal controls throughout the department. Each state agency is required to maintain effective systems of internal control, to evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of these controls on an ongoing basis, and to biennially report on the adequacy of the agency’s systems of internal control (Government Code sections 13400 through 13407).

HCD 2019-20 Annual Report
HCD's 2019-20 Annual Report

HCD Annual Report

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