Recent Accomplishments

HCD recognizes the tremendous need for affordable housing in California and considers the following recent accomplishments a positive step in the right direction.

Grants and Funding

  • Awarded 195 grants and loans totaling more than $287 million, projected to:
  • Preserve 3,736 homes and apartments.
  • Create 2,742 new homes and apartments.
  • Create or rehabilitate 1,880 migrant farmworker rental homes.
  • Rehabilitate 696 substandard homes and apartments.
  • Provided $1 million in loan extensions to troubled developments to preserve much-needed affordable homes and apartments.
  • Developed financial workout arrangements to preserve 13 affordable, rental housing developments that had fallen into financial difficulty and needed new arrangements to ensure they remained affordable.

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Manufactured Homes and Mobilehomes

  • Conducted 26,153 inspections and complaint investigations of mobilehome parks, mobilehomes, and manufactured homes in California.
  • Registered and/or titled 45,470 mobilehomes.
  • Served 23,273 walk-in customers.
  • Increased public safety in 57 mobilehome parks by inspecting the conversion to public utility service.
  • Created more efficient customer call center.

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Building Codes and Standards

  • Completed a three-year, code adoption process to amend standards for construction of new homes and apartments, as well as hotels, and motels in California
  • Completed two emergency rulemaking efforts to assist with drought mitigation.

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Planning and Community Development

  • Reviewed 508 city/county housing plans ("housing elements") for compliance with state housing law.
  • Completed nearly a dozen listening sessions through the Housing Element Technical Advisory group, reaching consensus on several administrative improvements.

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Policy and Research

  • Produced the draft 2025 Statewide Housing Assessment for release in FY 2016-17.
  • Served as the lead in new land-use and community-development sector of Safeguarding California, California's climate adaptation strategy.
  • Redesigned California's Emergency Solutions Grant program to better align with the federal Homelessness Emergency Assistance and Transition to Housing Act.
  • Applied for and awarded $70.3 million in HUD funds to implement the Community and Watershed Resilience Program in Tuolumne County following the devastating Rim Fire.

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