Building Standards

HCD protects the health and safety of Californians by enforcing standards for housing construction, maintenance of farmworker housing and manufactured/factory-built homes. HCD also proposes amendments to California's residential building standards for new construction to the California Building Standards Commission and helps train local government inspectors to better understand the new requirements. HCD creates specialized standards for CALGreen, the nation's first mandated green-building code. 

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2018-19 Building Codes and Standards Accomplishments:

  • Adopted permanent amendments to the California Building Code and California Residential Code so local agencies have standards to create emergency housing or shelter ordinances and can safely house people during times of disasters and other emergencies.
  • Analyzed and approved six local emergency housing ordinances to ensure local governments adhere to minimum health and safety standards while utilizing innovative emergency housing strategies.
  • Reduced the time to document “progress inspections” by 87-92 percent by implementing a new system that allows mobilehome inspectors to approve inspections without writing an activity report. As a result, HCD is now saving hundreds of hours of staff time each year.