Permits and Inspections

Permits are required to operate a mobilehome or special occupancy park, make alterations to a manufactured home, construct a mobilehome or special occupancy park, operate an employee housing facility, and other circumstances.  This list provides an informational guide to the variety of permits and inspections required for each activity. 

Manufactured Homes and Commercial Modulars

For information on necessary permits for modifying a mobilehome, manufactured home, or commercial modular, visit the Modifying a Mobilehome page.

Mobilehome and Special Occupancy Parks

Check the Mobilehome Parks page for links to forms and plans that are required for constructing, operating, and altering a mobilehome or special occupancy park.

Permit Procedures and Associated Fees

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) provides a guideline for construction permit applicants to explain procedures and application requirements. The basic procedures and associated fees include:

  • Obtain any necessary local agency approvals and complete all necessary plans, calculations, engineering, etc. required for processing your application.
  • Consider contacting the appropriate Area Office for additional guidance regarding your application, plans and pertinent documents (project package).
  • During the plan check staff will use the Mobilehome and Special Occupancy Park Construction Plan Review Booklet (PDF) as a worksheet to indicate if your project package is complete and ready to be submitted.
  • Fees for preliminary plan check meetings are $196 per hour with a one-hour minimum.
  • Include a copy of your worker's compensation insurance coverage.
  • Submit your application and three (3) sets of plans with calculations and specifications to HCD's plan check section.
  • Once the submittal is received in the plan check section, the plan will require four (4) to six (6) weeks for review.
  • If the package is approved, you will receive your permit and job copy of the plans and documents by mail unless otherwise specified in advance.
  • If the package is not approved, you will be contacted by mail and told whom you should contact. The approval process will be suspended until a satisfactory response is received.

Mobilehome Park Maintenance Inspections

Visit the Mobilehome Park Maintenance Inspections page for information on how to prepare for a Mobilehome Park Maintenance inspection.

Factory-Built Homes

Factory-built housing is inspected at the factory prior to application of the insignia.  Installation of factory-built housing or building components is subject to inspection by the local building department. 

Employee Housing

Go to the Enforcement and Permit to Operate sections of the Employee Housing Program page for forms and requirements on operation of employee housing.