State Housing Law Program Laws and Regulations


The state law regulating residential occupancies is entitled the State Housing Law and is found in Division 13, Part 1.5 of the California Health and Safety Code (HSC), Sections 17910 to 17998.3 .


New Construction:  Regulations implementing the State Housing Law mandating statewide residential building standards for new construction are found in the California Code of Regulations, Title 24.  These building standards are adopted by the California Building Standards Commission and are known as the California Building Standards Code.  Check these places to order a printed copy.

Existing Buildings:  Regulations for residential use, maintenance, and occupancy for existing buildings are found in the California Code of Regulations, Title 25, Division 1, Chapter 1, Subchapters 1 and 2

These regulations are proposed and adopted by the California Department of Housing and Community Development and approved by the Office of Administrative Law.  These regulations are not considered building standards and are not adopted under the purview of the California Building Standards Commission.


The Department of Housing and Community Development has developed a Housing Accessibility Checklist to be used as a supplemental tool for owners, builders, enforcing agencies, designers, and others to assist with on-site inspection in an effort to increase compliance with residential accessibility requirements. To request a copy of the checklist, contact the State Housing Law Program at 800.952.8356. Check these additional documents for more information on accessibility:

  • Website for HUD's Fair Housing Amendments Act Design Manual. First published in 1996, the Fair Housing Act Design Manual: A Manual to Assist Designers and Builders in Meeting the Accessibility Requirements of The Fair Housing Act provides clear and helpful guidance about ways to design and construct housing which complies with the Fair Housing Act.
  • Fair Housing Accessibility FIRST is an initiative designed to promote compliance with the Fair Housing Act design and construction requirements. The program offers comprehensive and detailed instruction programs, useful online web resources, and a toll-free information line for technical guidance and support.

Universal Design

Find more information about the universal design model ordinance applicable to new construction and alterations for voluntary adoption by local governments and the checklist developed by the Department of Housing and Community Development that could be used by a jurisdiction in developing its own ordinance. 

Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)

For information on placement of manufactured housing units in fire hazard areas, check the requirements in Manufactured Housing, Modular Units, and Mobilehomes.