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Non-Governmental Constraints


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Please note, the information provided below does not reflect statutory changes enacted as of January 1, 2018 as part of the 2017 Legislative Housing Package. For additional information on the specific bills, provisions and timing for implementation, please visit our Legislative Housing Package webpage.




Photo worker roofing a houseGovernment Code Section 65583(a)(6) requires “An analysis of potential and actual nongovernmental constraints upon the maintenance, improvement, or development of housing for all income levels, including the availability of financing, the price of land, and the cost of construction.”

Although nongovernmental constraints are primarily market-driven and generally outside direct government control, localities can significantly influence and offset the negative impact of nongovernmental constraints through responsive programs and policies. Analyzing specific housing cost components — including the cost of land, construction costs, and the availability of financing — assists the locality in developing and implementing housing and land-use programs that respond to existing local or regional conditions. While the cost of new housing is influenced by factors beyond a locality’s control, local governments can create essential preconditions (favorable zoning and development standards, fast-track permit processing, etc.) that encourage and facilitate development of a variety of housing types and levels of affordability.

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Jurisdictions that prepare an Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing for the Consolidated Plan may be able to use policy information from the plan to assist with the analysis of available financing. Learn more about Consolidated Plans.

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