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Government Code Section 65583(a)(7) requires “an assessment of housing needs and inventory of resources and constraints relevant to the meeting of these needs. The assessment and inventory shall include the following: An analysis of opportunities for energy conservation with respect to residential development.”

The energy conservation section of the housing element must inventory and analyze the opportunities to encourage the incorporation of energy-saving features, energy-saving materials, and energy-efficient systems and design for residential development. Planning to maximize energy efficiency and the incorporation of energy conservation and greenbuilding features can contribute to reduced housing costs for homeowners and renters, in addition to promoting sustainable community design and reduced dependence on vehicles. Such planning and development standards can also significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gases. Updated policies and programs could address the environmental significance and operational benefits of employing energy conservation in the building and retrofit of decent, safe, and affordable housing.

Requisite Analysis

The housing element should analyze opportunities for energy conservation in residential development. Examples of areas to be evaluated include:

Planning and Land-Use

Conservation Incentives for the Building Industry and Residents

Promoting Greenbuilding and Energy-Efficient Building Standards and Practices

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