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Providing matching funds to local and regional housing trust funds dedicated to the creation, rehabilitation, or preservation of affordable housing, transitional housing and emergency shelters.

Assistance Type

Matching grants (dollar for dollar) to local housing trust funds that are funded on an ongoing basis from both private and public contributions or public sources. Local funding sources may not otherwise be restricted in use under federal or state law or rules for use in housing programs.

Assistance Terms

Loans for multifamily rental housing projects require tenant income and rent restrictions imposed through a regulatory agreement for 55 years. When program funds are used to make loans for homeownership projects or units within a homeownership project, the Local Housing Trust is required to record a deed restriction in compliance with Health and Safety Code Section 50843.5(d)(3).

Eligible Activities

Loans for acquisition, predevelopment expenses and development of affordable rental housing projects, transitional housing projects, emergency shelters and homeownership projects, including down payment assistance to qualified first-time homebuyers, and for rehabilitation of homes owned by income-eligible homeowners. No more than 20 percent of each allocation may assist moderate-income households, and at least 30 percent of each allocation is required to assist extremely low-income households.

Eligible Applicants

A Local or Regional Housing Trust Fund is required to be a public, joint public and private, or charitable nonprofit organization organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, which was established by legislation, ordinance, resolution (including nonprofit articles of incorporation), or a public-private partnership organized to receive specific public, or public and private, revenue to address local housing needs. The key characteristic of a Local Housing Trust Fund is that it receives Ongoing Revenues from Dedicated Sources of funding sufficient to permit the Local Housing Trust Fund to comply with the requirements of the Program. Local and Regional Housing Trust Funds must comply with requirements set forth in the regulations and guidelines in order to be eligible to submit an application.

Guidelines and Regulations

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Applications are invited through the issuance of Notices of Funding Availability (NOFAs).

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Reporting Requirements

Annual Report (XLS) - Last updated 6/1/2021 — The Annual Report must submitted each year by July 31 for the term of the contract with HCD. The Annual Reports shall be submitted electronically to LHTFSGM@hcd.ca.gov

Program Forms

LHTF Request for Funds Form (XLS) - Last updated 12/27/2021

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Training and Technical Assistance

If you need training, and/or technical assistance email the LHTF inbox at LHTF@hcd.ca.gov