Programs: Active - No Current Funding

While these programs are not currently funded, they continue to be active and may be funded again in the future.

2015 Drought Relocation Assistance Program (DHRA)

DHRA helps individuals and families relocate temporarily when they have no access to drinkable water because of the drought.  The assistance is distributed to eligible individuals and families through the local government or an organization identified by the local government.  Both renters and homeowners can qualify. 

California Self-Help Housing Program (CSHHP)

CSHHP makes grants to local government agencies and nonprofit housing corporations to provide technical assistance to low- and moderate-income families building their own homes.

Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) - Disaster Recovery Initiative (DRI)

Community Development Block Grant's DRI provides grant funds to jurisdictions included in the 2008 Presidential fire disaster declaration, the Hoopa Valley Indian Tribe, and the Yurok Indian Tribe of the Yurok Reservation.  Funds can be used to mitigate the danger of future disasters through forward-thinking planning measures, such as updated building codes and code enforcement, creation of Local Hazard Mitigation Plans (LHMPs), and/or the adoption of Safety Elements of local General Plans.  

Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) - Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

Community Development Block Grant's NSP provided funds to state and local governments to purchase abandoned and foreclosed homes and residential property. 

Emergency Housing and Assistance Program Capital Development (EHAPCD)

EHAPCD deferred-payment loans can be used to acquire, construct, convert, expand, and/or rehabilitate emergency shelter, transitional housing, and/or safe haven housing.  A small percentage can be used to administer the award.  Eligible applicants are local government agencies and nonprofits that shelter the homeless on an emergency or transitional basis and provide support services.  Availability of funding is announced through periodic Notices of Funding Availability.  Funding is allocated at 80 percent to urban counties and 20 percent to non-urban counties.

Homeless Youth Multifamily Housing Program (HYMHP)

HYMHP makes loans for rental housing serving homeless youth.  The program was funded through Proposition 1C of 2006.

Loan Portfolio Restructuring (LPR)

LPR allows projects funded under any of nine HCD legacy loan programs to extend the term of their loan, obtain new tax credits, and subordinate their existing HCD loan to new private debt for the purpose of rehabilitating aging units.

Office of Migrant Services (OMS)

The OMS program provides safe, decent, and affordable seasonal rental housing and support services for migrant farmworker families during the peak harvest season.