Already Have Funding

Award Notification

After you have received a commitment of funding from the Department, the process moves into execution of a contract and clearance of special and general conditions.  Depending on the program, funds can be released through direct loans for development, acquisition, and rehabilitation; or through grants, generally to local jurisdictions, for relocation assistance, supportive services, and rental assistance.   Your award letter identifies an individual who can guide you through the process.

Technical Assistance and Workshops

At each step from award through construction or rehabilitation to loan or grant close-out and long-term oversight and monitoring, Department staff will be available to provide technical assistance.  From time to time, workshops are held to inform the public about particular programs or aspects of programs that are of interest to both the general public and potential and current recipients of funds. 

Project Completion and Occupancy

At the project’s completion, oversight of rental projects’ loans or grants will be transferred to Asset Management and Compliance (AMC).  AMC manages compliance with laws and regulations and regulatory agreements for rental projects funded by the Department.  Most rental projects are governed by the Uniform Multifamily Regulations. Owner loans made directly by the Department to homeowners are also monitored by AMC.

For rental projects funded by the Department, each program’s operational rules are shown on the Rental Housing Compliance Regulatory Table. Some requirements apply to all rental projects and can be found in the All Rental Projects’ Reporting Requirements page. For owner loans, individual security documents recorded with loans or grants prevail. For more information, contact Asset Management and Compliance at (916) 263-2771.