Rental Housing Program Compliance Regulatory Table

Program CCR* UMR* Guidelines Regulatory Agreement
CHRP-R Regulations      
CALDAP—Rental Regulations (PDF)   Guidelines (PDF)  
DPRLP—Rental Regulations (PDF)      
EHAP-CD Regulations      
FMTW Regulations   Guidelines (XLS)  
FHDP Regulations      
HOME    Which rules apply? (XLS)    
JSJFWHG Regulations Check with your AMC rep.    
MPRROP  Regulations     Regulatory agreement (DOC)
MHP   Which rules apply? (XLS)    
GHI   Which rules apply? (XLS)    
HYMHP   Which rules apply? (XLS)    
OMS Regulations (PDF)      
SHMHP   Which rules apply? (XLS)    
RHCP-B Regulations      
RHCP-O Regulations      
SUHRP—Rental Regulations      
SERA—Rental     Guidelines (PDF)  

*California Code of Regulations and Uniform Multifamily Regulations