American Recovery and Reinvestment Act-Community Development Block Grant Recovery Program (CDBG-R)


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To stimulate the economy through measures that modernize the nation's infrastructure, improve energy efficiency, and expand educational opportunities and access to health care.

Assistance Type and Terms

Grants with a maximum amount of:

  • Economic Development - $2,500,000, which includes general administration costs; and
  • General - $1,000,000, which includes general administration costs.

Eligible Activities

  • Housing, including single- and multifamily housing rehabilitation, rental housing acquisition or homeownership assistance, and activities that complement new construction.
  • Public Works, including water and wastewater systems, rural electrification, and utilities such as gas services.
  • Community Facilities, including day care centers, domestic violence shelters, food banks, community centers, medical and dental facilities, and fire stations.
  • Public Services, including staff and operating costs associated with the community facilities.

Eligible Applicants

  • Economic Development - The Economic Development set-aside was used to fund 2009/2010 Economic Development applicants who had already submitted applications to the Department and whose projects met the CDBG-R Program criteria.
  • General - The General Allocation was used to fund CDBG-eligible projects that fell below the funding threshold of the 2008/2009 CDBG General Allocation distribution process, and which met ARRA objectives.

Application Process

Economic Development – Applications for this set-aside are not longer being accepted.