Enterprise Zone Program

The Enterprise Zone Program has been repealed by legislation.  The authority no longer exists to issue hiring tax credit vouchers under this program.


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The Enterprise Zone Program at HCD has been responsible for the designation and administrative oversight of the 42 Enterprise Zones authorized by the State legislature.  Targeting economically distressed areas throughout California, the program provided special incentives designed to encourage business investment and promote the creation of new jobs.  The purpose of the program was to stimulate economic development by providing tax incentives to businesses enabling private sector market forces to revive the local economy.  Each Enterprise Zone is administered by its local jurisdiction working with local agencies and business groups to promote economic growth through business expansion, attraction, and retention, while providing an environment to nurture business creation as well.

Enterprise Zone Program Maps and Street Ranges

The End of the Program

Current legislation allows Zones to issue vouchers for the Hiring Tax Credit during 2014 for eligible hires made prior to 12/31/2013. Applications for voucher certificates must be made and the certificate issued by December 31, 2014. Those wishing to apply are urged to do so well ahead of the December 31, 2014, deadline order to allow sufficient time to process the application and certificate.

Latest E-Mail Blasts and Closure Dates

Geographically Targeted Economic Development Areas (G-TEDAs)

California had four types of Geographically Targeted Economic Development Areas (G-TEDAs). Each of these areas had related tax incentive benefits as well as a variety of locally provided incentives and benefits. The purpose of these benefits was to stimulate business investment and job creation for qualified disadvantaged individuals in state-designated economically distressed areas.
These areas were:

  • Enterprise Zones (EZs)
  • Local Agency Military Base Recovery Areas (LAMBRAs)
  • Manufacturing Enhancement Areas (MEAs)
  • Targeted Tax Area (TTAs)

Enterprise Zone Program Maps and Street Ranges

Note: These enterprise zone street ranges are provided as a general guide and do not have the power of law.  The final determination of eligibility rests with the Department of Housing and Community Development.  Each enterprise zone is responsible for updating its street ranges and forwarding the revised and updated ranges to the department as needed.  This is the source of the information presented here.  Street ranges can and do change for a variety of reasons including Department-approved enterprise zone boundary modifications, Department-approved expansions, and new development.  Occasionally, errors do occur and are corrected when discovered.  Download Adobe Acrobat to view some of these maps.

As a general rule, addresses which fall within the census tracts specified are considered within the Targeted Employment Area (TEA) even though they may not be specifically listed, as long as they are within the boundaries of the participating jurisdictions. To verify TEA addresses using census tract numbers, check the address on the Census Bureau’s website to determine the tract number.

UPDATE: All TEAs expired on 12/31/13; however, legislation passed to permit the issuance of vouchers based on TEA eligibility until 12/31/14. TEA's based upon 2000 census data expired as of 7/8/13 and can only be used to qualify hires prior to that date.  Those zones** which did not release a new TEA based on current census data may not use TEA criteria to qualify employees hired after that date.

Map (PDF) | Streets (XLS) | TEA Streets (XLS)

Map  (PDF) | Streets (XLS) | TEA (XLS)**
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (XLS)

Calexico - Imperial County 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Coachella Valley (Coachella, Indio, Thermal) 
Map (TIF) | Streets (XLS) | TEA Streets (XLS)

Map (PDF) | Streets (XLS) | TEA Streets (XLS) | TEA Census Tracts (XLS) | TEA Map (PDF)

Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Map (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (XLS)

Fresno, City of 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Fresno County 
Map (PDF) | Streets (XLS) | TEA Streets (XLS)

Harbor Gateway Communities 
Streets (XLS) | HG TEA Streets (XLS) | County TEA (XLS)

Map (PDF) | Streets (XLS) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Imperial Valley 
Map (PDF) | Streets (DOC) | TEA Streets (XLS)

Kings County 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Long Beach 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Los Angeles, East 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | County TEA (XLS)

Los Angeles, Hollywood 
Map (PDF) | TEA Map (PDF) | Streets (XLS) | City TEA (XLS) | County TEA (XLS)

Merced Regional 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Map (PDF) | Streets (XLS) | Berkeley Streets (XLS) | TEA Streets (PDF)**

Map (PDF) | Streets (XLS) | TEA Streets (XLS) | TEA Map (PDF)

Map (PDF) | Streets (XLS) | TEA Streets (XLS)

Pittsburg/Bay Point 
Map (JPG) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (XLS)

Map (PDF) | Streets (RTF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Map (PDF) | Streets (XLS)

Salinas Valley 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (XLS)

San Bernardino 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

San Diego - Regional
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF) | TEA 2013 (PDF)

San Francisco 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

San Joaquin 
Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF) | TEA 2013 (PDF)

San Jose 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Santa Ana 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Santa Clarita Valley 
Map (PDF) | TEA Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Sequoia Valley
Streets (XLS) | TEA Streets (PDF) | TEA 2013 (PDF)

Shasta County 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Siskiyou County 
TEA Tracts (DOC) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Southgate - Lynwood 
Map (PDF) | Streets (XLS) | TEA Streets (PDF)** | Southgate TEA Streets (PDF)**

Stanislaus (Ceres, Modesto, Stanislaus County, Turlock) 
Street Ranges (XLS) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Map (PDF) | Streets (XLS) | TEA Streets (PDF) | TEA Map (PDF)

West Sacramento 
Map (PDF) | Streets (XLS) | TEA Tracts (PDF)

Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Tracts (XLS)

Note:  These enterprise zone street ranges are provided as a general guide and do not have the power of law. Final determination of eligibility rests with the Department of Housing and Community Development.  Each community's street ranges are updated as needed.  Each zone is permitted to expand throughout its life, thereby adding to its set of street ranges.  Occasionally, errors do occur and are corrected when discovered.  Download Adobe Acrobat to view some of these maps.

Agua Mansa (Riverside, Colton, Rialto) - Expired: 10/14/2006 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF)

Altadena/Pasadena - Expired: 4/9/2007 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Antelope Valley (Palmdale, Lancaster, Los Angeles County) - Expired: 1/31/2012 
Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF) | Lancaster Expansion (DOC)

Bakersfield - Expired: 10/14/2006 
Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Calexico - Expired: 10/10/2006 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Coachella Valley (Coachella, Indio, Thermal) - Expired: 10/10/2006 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF)

Delano - Expired: 12/16/2006 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Eureka - Expired: 10/14/2006 
Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Fresno - Expired: 10/14/2006 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Kings County (Hanford, Lemoore, Corcoran) - Expired: 6/21/2008 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Lindsay - Expires 10/05/2010 
Map (PDF)  Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (DOC)

Long Beach - Expired: 1/7/2007 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Los Angeles, Central City - Expired: 10/14/2006 
Streets (PDF)

Los Angeles, Eastside - Expired: 1/10/2008 
Streets (PDF)

Los Angeles, Harbor Area - Expired: 3/3/2009 
Streets (PDF)

Los Angeles, Mid-Alameda Corridor 
(Los Angeles, Lynwood, Huntington Park, South Gate)
 - Expired: 10/14/2006 
Streets (PDF) | County of Los Angeles TEA Streets (PDF) | Huntington Park TEA Streets (PDF)

Madera - Expired: 3/3/2009 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Merced/Atwater - Expired: 12/16/2006 
Map (JPG) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (XLS)

Oakland - Expired: 9/27/2008 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Oroville - Expired: 11/5/2006 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Pittsburg - Expired: 1/10/2008 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF)

Porterville - Expired: 10/14/2006 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF) | TTA Streets (PDF)

Richmond - Expired: 3/1/2007 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF)

Sacramento, Army Depot - Expired: 10/3/2009 
Map (PDF) | Streets (DOC) | 2008 Expansion (DOC)

Sacramento, Northgate/Norwood - Expired: 10/14/2006 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF)

San Diego - South Bay (San Ysidro/Otay Mesa) - Expired: 1/27/2007 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

San Diego - Metro (Southeast/Barrio Logan) - Expired: 10/14/2006 
Map (GIF) | Streets (XLS) | TEA Streets (PDF)

San Francisco - Expired: 5/27/2007 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

San Jose - Expired: 12/30/06 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Santa Ana - Expired: 6/7/2008 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF)

Shafter - Expires: 10/3/2010 
Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Shasta Metro (Redding, Anderson, Shasta Lake) - Expired: 11/5/2006 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Shasta Valley (Yreka, Weed, Montague) - Expired: 6/21/2008 
Yreka map (GIF), Weed map (GIF), Montague map (GIF), Airport map (GIF) | Streets (PDF)

Stockton - Expired: 6/21/2008 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Sacramento, Florin Perkins - Expires: 4/4/2009 
Map (PDF) | Streets (DOC)

Sacramento, North - Superseded by the Sacramento Enterprise Zone 
Map (PDF) | Streets (XLS)

Watsonville - Expired: 4/30/2012 
Map (PDF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Tracts (PDF)

West Sacramento - Expired: 1/10/2008 
Map (GIF) | Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)

Yuba/Sutter (Yuba City, Marysville) - Expired: 10/14/2006 
Streets (PDF) | TEA Streets (PDF)


Program Wind-Down

Legislative action has resulted in the repeal of the Enterprise Zone Act and the dissolution of Enterprise Zones. In order to allow Enterprise Zone businesses an opportunity to apply for hiring tax credits already earned for qualified hires made through December 31, 2013, vouchers were applied for and issued until December 31, 2014. 

New Economic Development Initiatives

The following new economic development programs are administered by the Franchise Tax Board and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (Go-Biz). Links are provided below:

Policies and Procedures

Periodically the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) notifies Enterprise Zone administrators and other interested parties of important clarifications of departmental policy or to announce changes to HCD forms or operating procedures.  This is generally accomplished through a Management Memorandum (Management Memo) in order to affect the change or provide the information in the most expedient manner possible.  Check the Grants and Funding Management Memos web page for all memos and the Grants and Funding Program Forms page for all forms pertaining to the program.


Inquiries concerning the state’s administration of the Enterprise Zone Program should be directed to:
John Nunn, Jr.
Program Manager, State Enterprise Zone Program

Department of Housing and Community Development
2020 West El Camino Avenue, Suite 650
Sacramento, CA 95833
Telephone (916) 274-0575
FAX (916) 263-2765
e-mail:  John.Nunn@hcd.ca.gov