Get Funding

The Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) makes loans or grants available through more than 20 programs for:

  • construction, acquisition, rehabilitation, and preservation of affordable rental and ownership housing, homeless shelters, and transitional housing;
  • construction of public facilities and infrastructure;
  • construction and rehabilitation of parks linked to affordable housing projects;
  • economic development assistance to increase availability of jobs for lower income workers. 

HCD provides all the information you need to obtain funding for its programs both through the announcement of availability of funding and through workshops and technical assistance. Each program’s announcement for funding availability is different depending on the program rules and the amount and timing of funding available, details for which are spelled out in the announcement. 

Funds are awarded through either an over-the-counter (OTC) process or on a competitive basis. For OTC funding, applications are accepted at any time until a specified closing date or until available funds are exhausted. Projects are evaluated and funds awarded to applicants that meet the minimum threshold criteria one at a time on a first come, first served basis. The criteria may be in program regulations, in guidelines, or in the announcement itself. 

Loan and Grant Committee

Most staff recommendations for awards or disapprovals are reviewed by the Local Assistance Loan and Grant Committee, an appointed panel of outside developers, lenders, and public officials that meet periodically to advise the Director on loan and grant decisions. The Committee does not review awards for some programs, such as the Community Development Block Grant and Home Investment Partnerships Programs.  

Award decisions are announced in letters from the Director or Deputy Director to the applicants, recipients, media, local legislators, and other interested parties. Contracts for disbursement of the awarded funds, sometimes more than one for an award, are developed and executed, and the disbursement of funds commences according to the contract when the program or project begins.

Notices of Funding Availability (NOFAs)

Competitive applications submitted in response to a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) or Request for Proposals (RFP) must be received by the application deadline date. All applications are reviewed and points are assigned in a process that is fair and objective. Proposals are ranked according to their total point scores and usually funded from the top of the list down until the available funds are committed. For details on upcoming funding opportunities, check the NOFA Schedule. The NOFAs or RFPs provide vital information for those looking to obtain funding. Be sure to read them thoroughly to ensure completeness of application. 

For information on funding currently available for specific programs, the NOFAs can be downloaded on the NOFA page.  As NOFAs close and awards are made, such programs will move into one of the other categories:  Active – Funding Next 12 Months, Active – Not Currently Funded, or Archived. 

Programs: Active - Funding Next 12 Months

Funding varies from year to year. These programs offer ongoing over-the-counter funding, have recently announced funding, or will be announcing funding available over the next 12 months. This list will be updated regularly.

Programs: Active - Not Currently Funded

Some programs are not currently making funds available but anticipate the possibility of continued funding at some time in the future. This list will change from time to time as programs are funded or moved to the archived programs.

Programs: Archived

Programs that are not expected to be funded again are moved to the Archived Programs page. These programs may have projects that continue in Asset Management Compliance.

Policy Memos Related to Implementation of Funding Programs