Occupational Licensing Program Laws and Regulations


The law establishing the Department's Occupational Licensing Program and related enforcement activities is contained in the California Health and Safety Code, Division 13, Part 2, commencing with Section 18045


Regulations created and enforced by the Department to implement, interpret, and clarify the law  are contained in the California Code of Regulations, Title 25, Division 1, Chapter 4, commencing with Section 5000 .

Application and Scope

The occupational licensing requirements of the Health and Safety Code and Department regulations apply to all manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and salespersons who manufacture and sell or lease new or used manufactured homes, mobilehomes, or commercial coaches within California. The Department is solely responsible for these duties and carries them out exclusively.  Local governments become involved only when a district attorney prosecutes a violator of the Health and Safety Code or California Code of Regulations, and these cases are generally based on information provided by the Department.