Submit a Complaint

You can submit a complaint by using any of the following options. 

Submit Online Complaint

Online Complaint Form

Download and Mail a Complaint Form

Download and complete the appropriate complaint form below and return by U.S. postal mail to:

California Department of Housing and Community Development
PO Box 278690
Sacramento, CA 95827

Problem with the Forms?

If you have a problem with the online complaint forms or downloading complaint forms, contact HCD at (800) 952-8356 or email:

Request a Complaint Form Be Mailed

You may request a complaint form be mailed to you by U.S. postal service by calling the Mobilehome Assistance Center at  (800) 952-8356 or via email at

What Happens After You Submit a Complaint?

The Mobilehome Assistance Center reviews each complaint to determine if HCD has jurisdiction.  If HCD has jurisdiction, the complaint will be referred for investigation.  If HCD does not have jurisdiction, the Mobilehome Assistance Center will forward the complaint to the appropriate enforcement agency or refer the complainant to other assistance resources.  If the Mobilehome Assistance Center is unable to determine jurisdiction or determines the issue(s) is (are) civil then the complaint will be closed. In all cases, the complainant will be notified of the action taken.

The Complaints Processing Chart (PDF) shows how complaint submissions are processed.

Please note: Due to the high volume of cases the Mobilehome Assistance Center receives, it may take some time to process and investigate your complaint.

Mobilehome Residency Law Protection Act - $10 Fee

New! Mobilehome/Manufactured Homeowners: Have you been charged an additional $10 by park management? This fee is designed to serve mobilehome park homeowners through the Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) Protection Act. As of January 1, 2019, park management is required to pay $10 for each mobilehome lot within their park. Park management may pass this fee through to residents. The Act established a program to help resolve certain types of MRL disputes between park homeowners and park management.

Beginning July 1, 2020, HCD will start taking MRL-related complaints and coordinating assistance to help resolve the most severe alleged violations that the Department receives. If you have questions about this fee or the Act, please contact HCD at or (800) 952-8356. Please see Information Bulletin 2018-03 for a detailed description of the Act.

Visit the Mobilehome Residency Law Protection Program page for more information.

Know your rights! Visit the Your Rights as a Mobilehome Park Resident page.