Partnering with Other Agencies

Because housing intersects with so many of California's other policy priorities, HCD partners with other state departments and agencies to support and advance housing's role in addressing these shared priorities.

HCD contributes to the work of a number of other interagency bodies, including:

HCD 2018-19 Agency Partnership Accomplishments:

HCD contributed to a number of agency partnership projects involving housing and land use, supporting and advancing critical state policy priorities, including:

  • Health in All Policies Task Force : The California Health in All Policies Task Force convenes 22 state government departments and agencies to advance health, equity, and environmental sustainability. As a task force member in 2019, HCD participated in the Healthy Transportation Action Plan Working Group, an interagency effort to integrate health and equity goals into transportation, land use, and housing programs and policies. The draft Healthy Transportation Action Plan will be considered for adoption by the Strategic Growth Council in December 2019.
  • Housing and Transportation Coordination Workgroup: The Housing and Transportation Coordination Workgroup was formed in 2017 to meet the requirements of SB 1039 (2012), directing Caltrans, the California Transportation Commission, and HCD, to coordinate on housing and transportation policies and programs. HCD participated in this workgroup to share data and best practices to facilitate better-informed decisions across departments; undertake joint research and outreach efforts; and enhance integrated planning and investment.
  • Adaptation Planning Guide: HCD advised the California Office of Emergency Services on the 2019 revision of the California Adaptation Planning Guide, providing guidance to support regional and local communities in proactively addressing the unavoidable consequences of climate change. The guide provides a step-by-step process for local and regional climate vulnerability assessment and adaptation strategy development, serving as a foundational resource for climate adaptation planning in California.