Plans and Reports Archive

Final Citizen Participation Requirements for the State’s Annually Appropriated Federal Programs, Plans, and Reports (PDF)

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) issues both federally and state-mandated plans and reports as well as other educational plans and reports designed to educate elected officials (including state legislators) and the general public. In addition to the archived reports below, you can view current plans and reports on the Plans & Reports page.

California Consolidated Plans, including Annual Plans (federally mandated)

2014-15 Annual Plan

2013-14 Annual Plan

2012-13 Annual Plan (PDF)

2011-12 Annual Plan (PDF)

2010-2015 Consolidated Plan and FY 2010-11 Annual Plan Update (PDF)

California Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Reports (federally mandated)

2013-14 Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (DOC)

2012-13 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report  (PDF)

2011-12 HOME Program Minority Concentration Data (XLS)

California Statewide Housing Plans (state mandated)

Statewide Housing Plan: "Raising the Roof" (1997-2020) (PDF)

Statewide Housing Plan: "California's Housing Markets" (1990-1997) (PDF)

HCD Annual Reports