The Department has published a revised Super NOFA Application dated June 10, 2022 with critical updates. Applicants are required to submit the revised application dated June 10, 2022 with all supporting documentation by the application due date via the Super NOFA Application Portal (SNAP). Previous versions of the application will not be accepted.

Critical application revisions include the following:

Application Change Location
Corrected formula for non-tax credit developer fee calculation Developer Fee
Removal of column with X marks Document Checklist
Removal of Sponsor/Recipient Authorizing Resolution Entity Org Docs
Added text to row 136 regarding timing of evidenced right of way or easement and executed encroachment permit IIG Threshold Requirements
Supportive Services Plan updated to more consistently align MHP and VHHP requirements MHP - Supportive Services Plan
Updated Special Needs percentage formula MHP Threshold Requirements
Edit to #45 Fair Housing Legal Opinion clarifying limited to MHP Senior Project Project Overview and Document Checklist
Corrected lowest income levels formula to calculate points for targeting below 20% AMI Scoring
Added text to State Policy Priorities regarding IIG-only applications and points Scoring
Updated experience scoring formula for special needs projects and Community-Based Developers Scoring
Added tiebreaker leverage option for average annual operating subsidy Scoring
Updated State Policy Priorities Super NOFA funded units calculation Scoring and Unit Mix
Corrected formula to recognize special needs units under State Policy Priorities and to unhide other special needs requirement tabs in the workbook when special needs units are selected in Unit Mix Scoring and Unit Mix
Added Special Needs VHHP column and formula updates for State Policy Priorities point scoring Scoring and Unit Mix
Updated formula for Manager Unit loan limit - row 4 now allows applicant to choose among loan programs and loan limit is calculated without adding Manager Unit to Assisted column Unit Mix
Updated formula for additional $25,000 per unit loan limit (denominator) Unit Mix
Added "Special Needs" column under VHHP to correctly calculate State Policy Priorities points Unit Mix and Scoring
Corrected tiebreaker formula for 40% AMI average affordability of units without project-based rental assistance Unit Mix and Scoring
Added formula to ensure the number of Units being subsidized equals the number of Total Units column, for purposes of tiebreaker calculation; and corrected Adjusted Quantity formula (Unit Mix column CL) Unit Mix and Scoring