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HCD's Veterans Housing and Homelessness Prevention Program awards up to $75 million annually to build and preserve housing for veterans who are experiencing homelessness.

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Success Stories

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Visitors from all over the world enjoy the attractions and carefree beauty of Lake Tahoe. But for thousands of year-round low-income residents who live and work in Lake Tahoe and other tourist destinations, affordability is a day-to-day worry.

That’s exactly why HCD helped create King’s Beach Housing, an affordable workforce housing option for families like Jacklyn’s. "Everything just lined up. And we moved in here and ever since then, it’s been great."

King’s Beach Housing provides low- income workers and families who previously lived in substandard converted motel rooms, cabins, and trailers with safe, energy-efficient places to live, all wrapped up in an affordable, practical package.

Jacklyn understands, and sums it up nicely, "We can function in society because of Kings Beach housing."

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