Registration and Titling



The Registration and Titling Program (R&T) provides registration and title documents for new or resold manufactured homes, commercial modular(s), floating homes and truck campers. Contact Us. The program annually renews registrations for nearly 205,000 manufactured homes and commercial modular(s) in four district offices throughout the state, as well as our headquarters office in Sacramento, and provides assistance to dealers, escrow offices, manufacturers, local tax assessors, and the general public in obtaining title and registration documents, registration renewals, tax clearances, and title transfers for manufactured homes, commercial modular(s), truck campers, floating homes, and slide-in campers.

Servicios bilingüe son disponible.  Para hablar con un representante en español, por favor llame al numero (800) 952-8356 y pide un intérprete.

Registration Renewal

Renew your registration on line through our on-line portal.


Refer to the complete list of fees for all registration and titling purposes. You may also download the fees list (PDF).



You may download forms associated with registration and titling of your manufactured home, mobilehome, commercial coach, floating home, and slide-in camper.

Title Transfer and Search

On-line Title Search and Escrow Opening

You may do an on-line search for title through our on-line portal. You must first establish a “Requestor Account.”

Changes of Ownership or Registration

The Program maintains records and files establishing the existence and ownership of manufactured homes, mobilehomes, commercial coaches, floating homes, and slide-in campers. Any changes of ownership or registration are updated and new documents are mailed to the owners. Scanned copies of the initial reporting documents are kept as permanent history records.

Salvage Units

If your mobilehome or commercial coach has been destroyed, you must declare the destroyed unit as “salvage.” For detailed information on when and how to declare a unit salvage, look at the information on the Salvage Units page. 

Retail Value Requests

You may now submit a Retail Value request via electronic mail using the form provided. Complete the retail value request form (PDF) and send it to

Manufactured-Mobilehomes on Permanent Foundation

When a manufactured home or multifamily manufactured home is installed on a foundation system, the home will no longer be registered by the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). Several instructional flow charts provide additional information about the process to cancel registration.

Contact Us

Registration and Titling
(916) 323-9224
or toll free (800) 952-8356

Registration and Titling Offices
Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Headquarters Office
2020 West El Camino Avenue
Sacramento, CA  95833 

1530 Hilton Head Road, Suite 107
El Cajon, CA  92019-4655
Phone:  (619) 441-2326
Street Map*

2986 Bechelli Lane, Suite 201
Redding, CA  956002-1903
Phone:  (530) 224-4815
Street Map*

3737 Main Street, Suite 400
Riverside, CA  92501-3337
Phone:  (951) 782-4431
Street Map*

3220 South Higuera, Room 103 B
San Luis Obispo, CA  93401-6982
Phone:  (805) 549-3373
Street Map*

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Information Bulletins

Check Information Bulletins frequently for additional information pertaining to registration and titling..

State Law and Regulating Code

The State law governing the HCD's R&T Program is found in Division 13, Part 2, Chapter 8, of the California Health and Safety Code commencing with Section 18075.

Regulations are contained in the California Code of Regulations, Title 25, Division 1, Chapter 5.


To clarify any term used in R&T documents, check the Definitions (PDF).