Infill Infrastructure Grant Program (IIG)



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Assist in the new construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure that supports higher-density affordable and mixed-income housing in locations designated as infill.

Important Updates

Program Disbursement Extensions

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Assistance Type


Assistance Terms

Minimum/Maximum grant amounts for Qualifying Infill Projects:  $500,000/$4 million ($250,000 minimum for Rural Areas).

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Eligible Activities

New construction, rehabilitation, and acquisition of infrastructure required as a condition of or approved in connection with approval of Qualifying Infill Projects.

Eligible Applicants

For Qualifying Infill Projects and large multi-phased Qualifying Infill Projects, eligible applicants include nonprofit and for-profit developers and as a joint applicant with the developer, a locality or public housing authority.

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Application Process

Applications are invited through the issuance of Notices of Funding Availability (NOFAs).  If interested, check the previous NOFAs and Program Awards.

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Program Statute

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