Registration and Titling Schedule of Fees

Description of Fee and Amount (Effective October 1, 2009)

Description of Fee Amount
Foreclosure/Repossession Fee $35
Foreclosure/Repossession Fee Penalty $25
Transfer Fee $35
Transfer Fee Penalty $25
Duplicate Certificate of Title $25
Duplicate Registration Card $25
Opening Escrow Fee $35
Informal Title Search (Faxed or Mailed) $25
Formal Title Search (Faxed or Mailed) $35
Photocopy Fee (Per Page) $5
Fee To Certify Documents $10
Registration Service Fee (Add, Delete, or Change Lien Holder) $25
MH Situs Change Fee (N/A on transfers OR CM) $25
Substitute Decal $25
State Controller’s Tax Postponement (Removal ONLY) $6
Park Purchase Fund Fee (Per Section) $5
Registration Fee (Per Section) $23
Registration Fee Penalty (Per Section) $3
Mobilehome Recovery Fund Fee $10
Dealer Report Of Sale Fee $25
Administrative Service Fees (Dealer Fees)
Fees Submitted After 10 Days from the Date of Sale $5
  • After 10 Days, Within 20 Days
  • After 20 Days, Within 30 Days
  • After 30 Days, Within 60 Days
  • After 60 Days from Date of Sale
Address Confidentiality Fee $7
Transfer On Death Beneficiary (TOD) $25
Mobilehome Penalty (Per Section; one time fee) $50
Commercial Coach Penalty (Per Section; Per Year) $200
In-Lieu Tax Fee (License Fee) (Variable)
In-Lieu Tax Penalty (Based on License Fee Due) 20 percent of the fee