Prohousing Designation Program

The Prohousing Designation Program provides incentives to cities and counties in the form of additional points or other preference in the scoring of competitive housing, community development, and infrastructure programs.


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Increasing the availability of housing statewide is critical to bettering the quality of life of all Californians and to ending homelessness. The 2019-2020 Budget Act provided a spectrum of support, incentives, and accountability measures to meet California’s housing goals, and provided for the establishment of the Prohousing Designation Program.

The Department is in the process of a regular rulemaking process, which will convert the emergency regulations that first established the Prohousing Designation Program, in effect making the Program permanent. Emergency regulations will remain in effect through the regular rulemaking process.

The Department is now soliciting public comment on the regulations from February 4, 2022 - March 23, 2022. To submit public comments to the Department on the most recent version of the regulations and other related documents, please email with the subject line, "Comments on Regulations."

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New! Regulation Conversion

Emergency Regulations

New! Second Advance Notice of Intent to Readopt Emergency Regulations (PDF)

Advance Notice of Intent to Readopt Emergency Regulations (PDF) 

Prohousing Designation Program PowerPoint (PDF)

Prohousing Regulation Text (PDF)

Wetlands Classification System (PDF) - Incorporated by reference at Section 6601(a)(9)(C) of the Prohousing Regulation Text

Prohousing Application Resolution (PDF) – Incorporated by reference at Section 6604(c) of the Prohousing Regulation Text; Note: An editable version is also included within the application.

Prohousing Justifications for Emergency Regulations (PDF)

Addendum to Prohousing Justification for Emergency Regulations (PDF)

AB 101 (2019-2020)


Prohousing Designation Benefits

Local governments can receive a designation when implementing Prohousing policies and receive an advantage such as priority processing or funding points when applying for several funding programs including:

Other programs may be added to the list after HCD engages with stakeholders and partner agencies on adding Prohousing points to other housing and non-housing programs.

Application Review and Requirements

Eligible applicants are limited to local governments (cities and counties). HCD will begin taking applications over the counter following the adoption of the program’s emergency regulations on June 30, 2021. HCD will review applications within 60 days and provide feedback.

Prohousing Regulation Text (PDF) – Note: Review regulations before beginning an application.

Prohousing Application (DOC)

Prohousing Application Resolution (PDF) – Note: An editable version is also included within the application.

Project Timeline

Beginning June 30, 2021:

Ongoing Technical Assistance will be provided for jurisdictions interested in applying. Please contact to request assistance.

July 2021-June 2022:

June 2022 and Beyond:

Application Status and Public Comments

For review status of applications received, please view our Prohousing Designation Application Tracker (XLS).

As part of its review of the Prohousing Designation application, HCD must consider any written comments received from any public agency, group, or person. If an organization or individual plans to provide comments to HCD on a jurisdiction’s Prohousing Designation application, early contact with the assigned review staff member is encouraged to ensure that HCD is aware of this intent. To ensure that HCD has sufficient time to consider comments in the review of the Prohousing Designation application, written comments should be provided within the first 30 days of the review. Written comments can be provided directly to the assigned HCD Analyst or emailed to

Technical Assistance


In addition to the Application Workshops below, HCD will be hosting regional technical assistance workshops at a regional, sub-regional, and county level in the future. If you are not able to attend one of these workshops, there will be additional opportunities to learn about the program and receive assistance on applying. Recordings of workshops will be made available upon workshop completion.